We deliver through the pallet networks.

When placing your order do let us know and delivery information you think will be helpful.

The delivery companies will offload using a pallet truck. If you a tractor or fork-lift on site that you can offload with, let us know and we may be able to deliver more on one pallet to bring the prices down.

Deliveries require a hard surface to be offloaded onto.


Full pallets are delivered with all-weather covers so you can store your bedding outside all year round.

You will find small (hole punch) sized holes in the bottom of the bags which is important for ventilation.


Ideally starting with a completely clean stable

  1. Place 8 bags in a typical 12 x 12 stable ( where you have rubber mats you could start with less)
  2. Rake the bedding evenly over the desired area
  3. Activate the bedding by briefly spraying the bedding for now more than 1 minute
  4. Leave the bed for 15 minutes

Its now ready to use


Each day remove the solids with a fine tine fork

Mix the wet patches in with the dry areas. Remove any severely wet patches and rake over.

Add 1 bag every week to 10 days. There is no need to add any more water.