Aquamax horse bedding reviews
Aquamax Reviews

Aquamax may be beaten on price, but something we have learnt from talking to customers is that when people consider the weekly cost of their bedding, our crumble works out to be much more economical than cheap wood pellet alternatives.

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Aquamax has been recommended by many leading equine and countyside publications, such as: Eventing, Horse & Hound, Your Horse, Horse & Rider, NFU Countryside, and many more. We also regularly receive great feedback from our customers too. Here is an example of what people say about us.

"TRY THIS! If you want a bedding for your horse that is easy to use, saves money and time and means that the size of your muckheap is dramatically reduced, try Aquamax bedding. It is dust-extracted, additive free and sweet-smelling."


"Very good. In the lorry it has soaked up the urine really well and best of all, it has made a huge difference to the smell. You only need a small skep so it is a great idea for competition days."


"I was a bit dubious before trying this bedding that it would be all it said it would be – but I can honestly say that it's fantastic...dead simple. I highly recommend it."

Products Editor. YOUR HORSE

"Just to let you know I can honestly rave about your product, my horse's bed is so much easier to muck out, I can't quite believe it. Thank you for making my life easier and I will definitely stick with it."

Assistant Editor. HORSE & RIDER

"This is a product that has to be tried to be appreciated. My first impression was good, a bag size small enough to be manageable and plastic, so weatherproof. My next impression, however, when I saw the contents was I can't imagine how this is going to be any good at all...


A great invention but doesn't look quite as you would expect traditional bedding to look so you need to be a little forward thinking to try it. Once you do you will never look back."

Editor. EQUI-ADS

"Dear Paul
I just had to email you and tell you about a trial I did last week. I ran short of my Aquamax bedding and so bought 5 bags of wood pellet bedding off a fellow horse owner on my yard (3 of the girls on my yard use a cheap wood pellet bedding). I used the full 5 bags over a 7 day period and could not believe how badly it compared to my Aquamax. Each bag of cheap wood pellets weighed 10kg, so that was 50kg of the cheap wood pellets compared to one 13.5kg bag of Aquamax and the performance of the cheap wood pellets was non comparable with Aquamax. It was not absorbent, it became very saturated and I ended up taking a lot more out than when I use Aquamax.
The difference in performance really was incredible. As it says on Aquamax website, Aquamax may not be beaten on the initial price per bag, but on a ratio of using 5 : 1 of the cheaper wood pellet bedding, Aquamax is far far superior and economical and just much cleaner and healthier overall. I definitely will not be using any other wood pellet bedding again. It's Aquamax for me all the way. It's simply the best.

Just wanted to share the above with you. Many thanks."

Briony Middleton CUSTOMER

"Casper, my 11.2 Section A, has been in on stable rest for four weeks following an attack of laminitis. The bed is as good today as it was four weeks ago. Casper is well on the way to recovery, and has never been on wet bedding throughout the four weeks. Jake, my 16.3 ISH, is on stable rest after going lame yesterday morning, and this is truly great bedding.
All four of my horses have twenty four hour access to their stable areas and my daily waste removal from all four stables in the middle of last winter was just over a barrowful of waste. Their beds remained clean and dry throughout with no smells.

Changed to this bedding two years ago, wouldn’t use anything else - it’s brilliant bedding and very cost effective."

Christine Hopkins CUSTOMER

"I just wanted to say Aquamax has been a godsend over the past 3 months in particular as my mare has been in full time on box rest following laminitis. She was able to endure her “rest” in a dry, comfortable environment - and it made life much easier for me with mucking and skipping out. I have gone through my Aquamax much more quickly than normal as a result, however, it would have been much more stressful for all concerned without such a great product. I’ll not waste my money on budget versions again!"

Helen Eccles CUSTOMER

"As a farrier I would recommend AQUAMAX BEDDING for the follwoing reasons. I feel it is the best product on the market for its absorption qualities. This is very important to the welfare of horses hooves, as urine can cause disintegration of the hoof wall causing many problems, for example hoof wall cracks. With a healthy hoof comes correct hoof growth. It also minimizes the causes of ‘equine thrush’ as it made purely from pine which contains natural antiseptic properties it also helps by being highly absorbent. With a horse stabled for a long period of time e.g. ‘Laminitics’, AQUAMAX BEDDING allows complete cushioning and support where required due to the nature of it compacting into the sole of the foot helping to reduce rotation from the pedal bone offering comfort to the horse.


Furthermore as a horse owner I find it saves time by being very easy to muck out also saving money as less bedding is needed to be added on a regular basis for the horses comfort. I recommend AQUAMAX BEDDING to all my clients as feel this is the future of stable bedding."

Ben Hart Dip. W.C.F FARRIER

"Aquamax - the Waitrose of horse bedding."

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