Aquamax: Rubber Stable Mats
Stable Mats and Accessories
Field/Washdown 22mm
Pebble 16mm
Royal 19mm
Honeycomb 17mm
Using rubber stable mats with Aquamax bedding will help to maintain a clean and comfortable stable environment and save you money! Aquamax offers four different styles.
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Rubber stable mats provide a permanent insulated floor designed to improve the safety and comfort of your horse. Our selection of mats are made from either pure rubber, re-cycled rubber or a combination of both. They are non-porous and anti-slip with a grooved underside to assist drainage.


Remember Aquamax will absorb urine before seeping under the mats, ridding the stable of any smell.

Other Accessories

The Grabbit is the only product on the market designed for moving rubber matting. Designed as a simple solution to a job everyone hates, the Grabbit tool effectively grabs rubber matting and is great for use in stables and horseboxes. The tool is also very effective (when bought in pairs) for moving bales of hay or straw.


£29.95 including Postage & Packing

Fine Tine Fork
Fine Tine Fork

Our Fine Tine fork is the only stable fork designed specifically for use with our style of bedding. It has an angled basket to allow more sifting. The tines are closely arranged to collect even the smallest pieces of manure and hay.


£35 including Postage & Packing

Hay Carry

The Hay Carry is a versatile, shower proof carry sack with a drawstring cord and base handle. Use it for carrying, storing or keeping a car clean when transporting hay. 70cm x 90cm.


£14.95 including Postage & Packing


The Aquamax saddlecloth is of a clean and simple design with the Aquamax logo in the corner. The saddlecloth is perfect for both training and competition dressage.


£35 including Postage & Packing

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